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11th August 2022 


1st Consultation (lasts about 90 minutes)

Adult 90
Child 75

Follow-up appointments (30 to 45 minutes)

Adult 55
Child 50

Family discount

If 2 children are booked for follow-up appointments, a single fee of 90 will apply

The cost of homeopathic remedies is included in the consultation fee, but if herbal tinctures are recommended they may incur a small additional charge.

If you have booked a consultation via telephone or Skype, payment can be made using Paypal

Cost of Treatment

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Although most of our homeopathic remedies are derived from plants, many have a mineral or animal source. The method of preparation involves a process of serial dilution and ‘succussion’, which ensures that any toxic effect of the original substance is completely removed, and that only the curative properties remain.

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Many factors come into play in judging the length of time a cure will take. A general guide is to anticipate one month of treatment for each year that you have had an illness. The healing process can be slower if conventional drugs are used simultaneously, or if a person is not prepared to make some beneficial lifestyle changes. It is important to have at least one follow up consultation. Even if you experience a 99% improvement of your symptoms after the initial prescription, your long-term health will benefit from treatment aimed at consolidating the initial good effects.

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There is a wealth of evidence that Homeopathy has stood the test of time and is a viable alternative to conventional medicine. In March 2007 The European Network of Homeopathy Researchers published An Overview of Positive Homeopathy Research and Surveys. This document provides summaries of research with full references and a directory of website addresses of the research organisations. To request a copy, email Petter Viksveen . For instant information on the subject of 'Why Homoepathy Works', as well as answers to questions about drug therapy, just click here.
To access an article entitled 'THE TRUTH ABOUT HOMEOPATHY - Dispelling the MYTHS that Surround it!' click here


“Helen is a deeply committed homeopath who utilizes her entire repertoire of complementary therapies for the benefit of clients. Her willingness to follow-up clinical sessions with telephone advice and her availability is extremely valuable and rare, indicating a high degree of commitment to the well being of patients.”

K.R. Beckenham, Kent

“I turned to Homeopathic remedies only after conventional medicines as prescribed by my GP made me very ill. Since than I have had more energy and feel much better in myself. A subsequent session of Kinesiology identified foods that I should avoid. I do not say that I understand how it works, I only know it is working for me. I would certainly recommend the Chestnut Clinic to anyone and have already done so.”

B. Richardson, West Wickham, Kent

“My 3 year old daughter had Molluscum contagiosum for over a year. Eruptions covered a large area, from her chest down to her knees. Our GP had nothing to offer that could help. After just one visit to the Chestnut clinic, when some liquid drops were prescribed to be taken twice daily, the molluscum rapidly began to disappear, clearing completely in about 6 weeks. I found this amazing and I am very pleased indeed with the result.”

S. Lawrence, Shirley, Croydon, Surrey

“I started receiving homeopathic treatment as a means to address my high blood pressure. As a teacher in a state school, stress comes with the territory. Thankfully through the use of homeopathic medicine I have been able to avoid taking conventional drugs to manage this condition. My overall health has improved and I have grown confident in using remedies to deal with minor complaints that arise from time to time. I have no hesitation in recommending the Chestnut Clinic to friends and colleagues.”

C. Brooks, Bromley, Kent.

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